Glen Cove Massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork is the office of Jenny deBeer Charno and Janet King, each of whom have been in the bodywork field for over 20 years.  Come to Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork for mature, skilled bodywork.  

We can help you feel better!

Feel better

At Glen Cove Massage, we want to help you feel better.  If you

  • have unresolved discomfort or pain from an old or recent injury, illness, accident, surgery, trauma

  • feel tense and stressed out; or depressed and disconnected

  • are undergoing treatment for cancer, lymphedema or other serious illness

  • have swelling in your ankles or edema due to illness or after surgery or injury

  • just feel creaky and old, with aches and pains

  • feel pretty good, and would like to feel even better!

  • want to upgrade your athletic performance

  • are pregnant

  • need a vacation... but only have an hour!

...we've helped many others dealing with such conditions, and we'd like to help you.

People on our table have found relief from a wide range of acute and chronic pain, emotional distress, and existential malaise.  We can help with

  • relief of various pains: back pain, headaches, PMS, sciatica, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel pain, arthritis, sub-clinical/idiopathic pain, more

  • stress relief -- find rest, renewed energy & optimism, rejuvenation; emotional integration

  • recovery from accident, injury (including old injuries and scars), surgery, illness, trauma

  • lymphedema — we offer lymphedema management, manual lymphatic therapy, wrapping and measuring for garments

  • gentle bodywork for people in fragile conditions: trauma, cancer, other serious illnesses, abuse, end of life.

 As examples, people have found relief from

  • sub-clinical pain and anxiety after emergency open heart surgery;

  • post-traumatic stress after a natural disaster;

  • chronic shoulder pain stemming from an accident 15 years earlier

  • dissatisfaction with life circumstances;

  • a sense of alienation from one's own body.

If you feel good, we'll help you feel even better!  Experience a greater sense of well-being and vitality, and a deeper sense of connection with yourself & with life.

We draw upon a wide range of techniques, as needed:

  • Amma

  • craniosacral

  • polarity energy work

  • manual lymphatic drainage

  • yoga therapy

  • Swedish

Our techniques range from vigorous (eg, for athletes) to extremely gentle (eg, for very sensitive people).

"I believe that the LMT [licensed massage therapist] is the professional best suited to treat the major physical issues of our time comprehensively -- whether hip, shoulder, knee, foot, low back, neck, or anything else.  You have the time to engage a process with the client, you can educate and soothe, and you can work with the nervous system, muscles and joints all at the same time." 

George Russell, DC