Glen Cove Massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork is the office of Jenny deBeer Charno and Janet King, each of whom have been in the bodywork field for over 20 years.  Come to Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork for mature, skilled bodywork.  

We can help you feel better!

Principles of practice: Janet

A human being is a whole universe... 

The experience of quality bodywork can be deep, detailed, multidimensional, and ultimately mysterious.

Janet‘s bodywork aims to relieve a broad spectrum of pain, discomfort, and stress; to invoke deep rest and feeling good; and, to help you experience a deeper personal connection with your body.

Janet's practice features:

  • Swedish massage techniques at whatever depth feels best to you
  • Attention to every dimension of the body: muscles, bones, joints, fascia/connective tissue, the nervous system, organs, fluids, movement, energy, emotions, personal biography...
  • Bodywork fully (or partially) clothed, if you prefer
  • Modified bodywork for people facing serious health issues: cancer, trauma, abuse, end of life
  • home visits available

"My aim is to help you experience a deeper, more comfortable relationship with your body, imbued with greater awareness and personal meaning. That can mean:

  • seeking to soften muscles and open joints; slow down and make more space; amplify and integrate energy; and create a deep sense of rest.
  • connecting physical experience with emotions, life stories, and personal meaning.
  • listening to the body’s deepest, most encompassing, and most poignant experiences — the living expressions of fascia, internal tides, and energy; and the physicality of emotions, imagery, and states of consciousness — with patient, receptive hands.
  • giving attention to the quality of our relationship as we go along.  All feedback -- verbal, non-verbal, conscious or not -- is welcomed.

My work features various influences, particularly biodynamic cranial work, yoga therapy, polarity, and the importance of relationship. However, in essence it’s not about applying techniques. It’s simply a conversation — using hands, words, and feeling — about what’s going on, in search of what feels good and meaningful.  Sometimes we’ll talk; sometimes we’ll be together in silence."