Glen Cove Massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork is the office of Jenny deBeer Charno and Janet King, each of whom have been in the bodywork field for over 20 years.  Come to Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork for mature, skilled bodywork.  

We can help you feel better!

Principles of Practice:  Jenny

Amma Therapy

Amma Therapy is a type of Oriental Massage.  Deep, but never painful, Amma powerfully affects both your physical body and your energy system.

Amma Therapy uses acupressure, deep tissue work and familiar massage strokes to relieve back and neck pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, PMS and other common ailments.

Regular Amma Therapy treatments area deeply enjoyable way to bolster your immune system, assist your healing process and leave you feeling energized and relaxed.

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a very gentle type of massage that works on your head, neck and spine, and affects all areas of your body.

Your brain and spinal cord are surrounded by cranio-sacral fluid.  When there are restrictions of this system it can cause a variety of symptoms of pain or dis-ease.  Cranio-Sacral Therapy released these restrictions.

You will enjoy a very pleasant, relaxing feeling during your session, and you may have an immediate experience of release in areas that have been tight or stuck for a long time.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps reduce lymph edema.  This treatment stimulates the immune system by increasing lymph function and blood circulation.  Pain and swelling are reduced.

This is a very gentle yet effective type of treatment and can be incorporated into other massage.