Glen Cove Massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork is the office of Jenny deBeer Charno and Janet King, each of whom have been in the bodywork field for over 20 years.  Come to Glen Cove Massage & Bodywork for mature, skilled bodywork.  

We can help you feel better!

Now some words from our clients... 

(Comments about Jenny are in plain font.  Comments about Janet are in italics.)

AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT:  "I was lucky to find Glen Cove Massage after I had a herniated disc from a car accident.  Jenny's technique not only helped the healing process but relaxed me and gave me an hour to look forward to, twice a week."  KD

NEUROPATHY:  "Treatments with Janet result in immediate relaxation and relief of my symptoms... back tightness and neuropathy in my feet.  Janet seems to "tune in" to what is occurring with me and does things to alleviate them.  I look forward to my next session."  AG

WELL-BEING:  "My experience at Glen Cove Massage has been remarkable.  Jenny deBeer Charno is always attentive to making you feel comfortable and feeling wonderful after your session is complete."  LF

NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN:  "Janet is a professional therapist with excellent skills.  Her massage is therapeutic and relaxing.  I had a sore neck and shoulders and left feeling brand new.  Definitely will return!"  HS

PAIN & MUSCLES TIGHTNESS:  "My daughter and I had very positive experiences at Glen Cove Massage.  Jenny is very professional and caring when dealing with pain/discomfort in the back and upper traps.  The massages proved beneficial to both of us and we will definitely return again.  We highly recommend Glen Cove Massage."  VI

UNRESOLVED SYMPTOMS FROM AN ACCIDENT OVER A YEAR AGO:  "Janet's healing hands and healing heart work miracles every time I have a treatment with her.  Thank you Janet for taking such excellent care of me -- you have a magic touch so it seems!"  KD

HEALTH MAINTENANCE:  "Growing up with amma therapy was a blessing and reuniting with it while living on Long Island paid dividends for my body and mind.  Regular treatments from Jenny were just what I needed to stay healthy and happy.  Thanks for many great treatments."  TC

BACK PAIN, MENTAL STRESS: "I came to see Janet for a pretty bad bout of back pain.  Not only did she help relieve my symptoms but my whole body and mind felt renewed.  Remarkable work!"  Dr. MC

PAIN, ANXIETY:  "When moving back to the US from overseas, I was experiencing a lot of pain and anxiety and it was manifesting in my neck and lower back with severe pain.  Jenny helped relieve the pain after a few visits.  Jenny has magic hands."  MW

DURING PREGNANCY:  I feel AMAZING and I'm already looking forward to my next appointment [with Janet].  Definitely a huge help to me feeling human again!"  CC

TMJ, TRIGGER FINGER, NECK/SHOULDER PAIN:  "I have seen Jenny for massage since approximately 2008.  She has helped me with numerous complaints including TMJ, trigger finger and pain in my neck and shoulders.  Her treatment room is always calming and comfortable.  She is a caring professional and I would highly recommend her for therapeutic massage." 

OVERALL WELL-BEING:  "I felt like a different person [after seeing Janet]"   CS

STRESS, SPORTS & USAGE INJURIES, OVERALL WELLBEING:  "Your [Jenny] massage treatments helped when I had stress which attacks entire body!!  Most helpful with lower back and shoulder problems due to sports, computer..  I have to agree if one has a lower immune system your massages are very beneficial.  Thank You for all you did for me!"  MM

A TUMOR & ASSOCIATED SYMPTOMS:  "I saw Janet with bad shoulder pain from a fracture caused by a tumor.  After a few minutes of her working on my head and arms the pain subsided as if I took a pain-killer but did not.  I was extremely relaxed and relieved.  Thank you."  AG

RELAXATION, MUSCLE PAIN:  "I have used Glen Cove Massage multiple times and always left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  I would recommend anyone that needs to rid themselves of muscle pain or is just looking to feel better head on over for a great experience."  BW

OLD SPORTS INJURIES, RELAXATION:  " I have been Janet King’s client for about five years now. Janet is the kind of person that I think a body work therapist should be – she is kind, friendly, peaceful, intuitive and a good listener.  I was struck by how comfortable I felt with her when we first met.  Her technique always seems just right for me – it is both deep enough to be therapeutic for injuries, and gentle enough to be quite relaxing. Following a session with Janet, I find that my range of mobility improves dramatically, in addition to decreasing pain levels.  I highly recommend that you book a session with her, and see for yourself!"  WCC

PAIN, STRESS, DIGESTIVE:  "I have turned to Jenny deBeer Charno at Glen Cove Massage for years whenever I have needed relief from back pain, stress and even acid reflux.  Jenny is a natural healer who has deftly used massage and Cranio-Sacral therapy to intuitively target and ease the source of my pain whenever I've needed relief.  She also genuinely cares about her clients.  I sincerely recommend her."  LD

UNDERGOING CANCER TREATMENT:  "Massage for cancer patients has been a blessing for me.  It nourished my mind and as well as my very tired body.  The massages elevated my mood and enabled me to practice positive thinking during a depressing dark time in my life.  If you are lucky, Ms King might just play her harp post massage for a few minutes -- so soothing to the senses!  5 stars out of 5 stars:!"   JMR

WELL-BEING MAINTENANCE:  "Janet combines a wide range of technical skills and expertise with deep listening to get to the core of what is needed."   MS

STRESS MANAGEMENT:  "I look forward to my visit with Janet inasmuch as I live with great stress.  After seeing Janet my body feels relaxed with more energy to get through the day."

MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN:  "I came to Janet with pain on my left shoulder and shoulder blade.  Not sure what it was from but I brought her attention to my issue.  From the moment Janet touched my shoulder, upper back, neck and the back of my head, she strategically massaged me and touched every issue I had applying just the right amount of pressure to relieve me of my discomfort.  Within 10 minutes I felt revived.  Her hands were like magic for me."  YM 


and now for a longer testimonial...

RECOVERY FROM AN ACCIDENT:  "I was in a car accident in 2008.  Doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, Thoracic outlet, TMJ, sciatica, progressive migraines, loss of feeling and permanent nerve damage, and side effects of medication.  I was informed I would have to undergo surgery on both arms, risking more permanent nerve damage. 

                After years of therapy and many restrictions in life-style, I met Janet when a friend brought me to an alternative clinic.  Getting to see her proved difficult as there was always a very long waiting list.

                                By the time I first saw her, the pain was so bad I lost my ability to focus or concentrate for more than a few seconds.  After one treatment, there was significant relief I never had with all the therapy I received.

Janet’s intuitive sense draws her to the source of the pain.  The relief increases and lasts longer with each treatment.  It is like she is making the damage reverse. 

                Janet treated my migraine when it reached the point that, even if I took the meds they would not bring relief for 24 hours.  The pain receded and continued to recede after treatment until it was gone!!! I even got yard work done later that day!!

                In October 2013, my doctor insisted that the loss of feeling in my hands was permanent, and that without surgery I would risk losing the use of both arms and more nerve damage.  I increased my visits with Janet and the feeling started coming back.  I find that my focus has improved, pain decreased along with my need for pain pills.  My range of motion has improved so dramatically, and I have made so much progress, that my Doctor has noticed and asked me where I have been going for therapy.  He admits, for now, surgery is definitely off the table!!DV